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We also sell  a variety of personal protective equipment right here at our testing facility. Check out the different equipment we have below.


Hard Hats, Safety Glasses, & Gloves

MSA Full brim hard hats offer unequalled protection for your neck/shoulders/face from UV rays, rain, and falling debris. Featuring adjustable crown straps for a comfortable fit. The durable shell provides reliable impact protection.


3M Masks & Filters

3M 6000 Series half face respirators are low maintenance, reusable, and provide the user with a versatile and comfortable design. Available in 3 sizes and designed for use with 3M particulate filters and gas/vapor cartridges.


H2S Monitors

The Honeywell BW Clip Series is a single-gas detector that provides up to two years maintenance-free operation. The device runs continuously once turned on. 

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