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DOT establishes certain standards that must be met by every commercial motor carrier. These requirements are regularly monitored and violation of any one of them can have serious consequences. We offer a number of compliance services to ensure that you maintain compliance. Check out how we can help you below.


NCMS Compliance

NCMS has become a leader in contractor monitoring for the oil and gas industry with an auditing process driven by DOT regulatory requirements.

Large Oil Truck

DQ File Setup

Motor carriers are required to maintain a qualification file for each of their drivers. 


MVR Check

Motor Vehicle Records contain information about a person's driving history and includes citations, vehicular crimes, accidents, DUI convictions, and the number of points on the individuals driver's license.


Background Check

Background checks have become an integral part to the hiring process in verifying a person's identity, criminal records, driving records, education records, employment history, and more.

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