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We offer a wide range of drug and alcohol testing services to fit your needs. From breath alcohol tests and instant drug tests to  hair follicle testing, we've got what you need. Check out our pricing below.


Standard Urine Drug screen that is collected and sent off to a lab for analysis of substances from a selected panel; DOT uses a standard 5 panel while NON-DOT can use a wider variety of panels for that test for a greater number of substances, for example, a standard NON-DOT test is a 10 panel, meaning that it tests for 10 different substances. 

Urine Drug Screen


Hair testing is the only method that can detect drug usage within a 90 day detection window. This provides a significant advantage over other methods of testing as many commonly abused substances can be flushed from a person's urinary within a matter of just a couple of days. For that reason, hair testing serves as one of the best deterrents to drug usage in the workplace.

Hair Testing


Instant tests are a quick and easy tool to use if you are needing results right away and cannot wait on results from a lab. They are also a great tool to use in combination with a lab test for new hires that you want to start right away but also have the %100 reliability that a lab test offers. The instant drug screen test for 10 of the most commonly abused drugs.

Instant Drug Screen


This is a breath alcohol test, or what is more commonly known as a breathalyzer. The test is used to detect how much alcohol is in a person's blood. This is known as the blood alcohol concentration, or BAC. The BAC of an individual is determined by the alcohol content that is exhaled while breathing. 

BAT Alcohol Testing

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